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Catering for any Event or Office Lunch

History says it all.

Dancing Pigs Deliis South Orlando's little deli with giant flavor. 

Experience Chef-made, meaty sandwiches replicating Americas best Deli specialties. 

Our famous Dancing Pig Sandwich is piled high with slow-smoked pork butt. 

Muffalettas that would make a Cajun envious.  Stacked with Italian meats,
cheese, and our house made olive salad. 

Italian beef, urban hot dogs and our version of Tah-kos will tantalize your tastebuds

Dancing Pigs Deli is one of those places you'll tell your friends about and then wish you didn't. 

 Dancing Pigs Deliis the catering kitchen for Central Florida Foodworks and
Fish on Fire. Business is booming, and we just had to expand our facilities to handle all the orders.  Come enjoy the Americas best deli creations at Dancing Pigs Deli

Some so authentic, you will think you're back home, and others with a twist that will
you craving more. Enjoy the unique taste, and
experience that the Dancing Pigs Deli has to offer. 

Open from 11 to 8, Monday thru Friday, Saturday 11 to 4.

 Catering available anytime.